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Minimalist, as you can tell, is the site design. you might ask yourself why it's so boring and plain and ugly when I label myself an artist.

human facts

I have been around since the early 1980s. I grew up in small towns in Alabama, USA. I now live in the lovely state of Colorado. It's beautiful and amazing here. I am a medical cannabis user and supporter. I love making art via pixeling, 3d, and stop motion. My cash intake is usually from a Information Technology, or IT, job. I have been tinkering with computers since as long as I can remember. My grandfather first got a 486 33Mhz DOS PC in the early 90s. Before that it was the obligatory Apple ][e's at elementary school. The 486 had just DOS originally, then we installed Windows 3.1. I got used to use and breaking both. Then going through and fixing what I had broken.


I have had training at Animation Mentor, an online animator's school as well as Virginia College in Birmingham Alabama. I have been drawing since a young age. I was very interested in comic books for a very long time and mimiced the styles. I also used the DOS Disney Animation Studio, to create some pixel art animations. I later moved on to Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. I still enjoy pushing pixels around, an artform that still has it's merits. Working within a limited rule set makes every pixel count.

computer facts

FreeBSD 14 -Of course
9Front - Plan 9 OS VM- since late 2023 my primary OS
Ryzen 2700X - Came back to AMD after years, they are back on top.
ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 - motherboard
64GB RAM - 2023 Christmas present for me
Dual 1TB NVME - FreeBSD/9Front on 1... I should put something on the other one...
Dual 2TB Spinning Disc - Archive drives
8TB Spinning Rust -New Archive
AMD Radeon 6750XT- upgraded in 2022
Lian-Li cube case - This is amazingly cool and my biggest geek purchase. Cost more than many other components, but it's hella cool.
Benq 32" QHD - I prefer a large single monitor and 2 virtual desktops. 2k not 4k resolution because pixel density has gone overboard and requires too much power.
Steelseries Prime Gaming Mouse- Lots of clicks I hope
Vortex Tab 90M - mechanical keyboard
Steam Controller - Vidja gamez
Sega Genesis 6 button Controller - Got a USB adapter on this bad boy. For nolstalgia / emulators obviously.
Steam Deck - Funz
ThinkPad X61 Tablet - 9front portable
ThinkPad X201 Tablet - another Plan 9 machine.

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