Wacom FreeBSD Install and Setup Guide

Initial Install

1] - Install the required software

pkg install libwacom xf86-input-wacom

2] - Enable needed services

Additions Needed in /etc/rc.conf
You can just use the sysrc command to add them like so, or edit the file and add them manually.
sysrc devd_enable="yes"
sysrc webcamd_enable="yes"

3] - Enable Boot Services

Additions Needed in /boot/loader.conf

4] - Start Services and Check for Success

service devd start
service devd restart

xsetwacom --list devices

At this point you may need to disconnect and reconnect your tablet.

Disconnecting during an X session can & will cause issues and lockups. It is recommended to disconnect and reconnect your tablet after exiting X Windows.

Configuring your Wacom

Troubleshooting & Tips