2021 02 27 old software

Old Software

I got RLVision’s ArtGem installed today via wine after testing in a ReactOS VM. ArtGem https://www.rlvision.com/artgem_about.php is a Raster Graphics Paint Application. It’s in the lines of DPaint or Brilliance however updated some to fit the times it was made. It supports things like antialiasing and other brush effects. I really enjoyed the program around the 2000s. Unfortunately RLVision no longer allows for the download of the shareware version or any registration at all for it. So I had to scour for old crackz and finding the shareware installer was rather difficult. Luckily Archive.org came to the rescue. I’m really going to have to start using it as well for some of the old “warez” I have. As these software will dissapear forever! Things like Rocket3D Clay, IZWare Mirai, and a few other I have somewhere still I hope. Do you have any old defunct software that you really miss?