2021 02 28 - more old software

More old software

I forgot to mention that Grafx2, a pixel art program from the 90s, has recently gotten an update and works splendidly with both animation and layers. No need for using the now closed source Aseprite. I could only get the opensource version in ports to work on GhostBSD. The Linux binary and the Windows binaries both crashed or didn’t work properly. But as I stated the 27th, I have refound ArtGem! So with Grafx2 and ArtGem I feel quite at home and like I did when I was a teenager drawing all the time. I do have my Wacom working fine but it’s not, of course, transferring the pressure sensitivity through Wine. That wouldn’t matter with ArtGem anyways. Maybe that’s the programming project that I should tackle. A modern recreation of ArtGem, a raster image editor just ahead of pixel art programs. It really gets the sweet spot of control vs the tools.