2021 03 09 - behold a new life

behold a new life

Well, we just found out that we are probably pregnant. I saw we but I mean my wife. I kind of say it as meaning “we are having a baby.” It is highly inaccurate but I said it anyways today. She took a pregnancy test last night and it was positive. She originally said she would wait and tell everyone after she was showing, but honestly was too excited. She called her mom this morning and I began calling my family too. I am very excited. I never wanted a child before I met Ash. Now that we’ve gone through the hell that was 2020 (mostly my fault, I may elaborate eventually, although probably not) I am so pumped for the rest of our life together. I love her, I truly do, with all my heart that I can.

I hope you are well as well, dear reader. Till next time.