2021 03 14 - sleep


Well I finally picked up Sleep’s discography. The defacto standard and possibly creator of Stoner Doom. I really enjoy listening to their new album The Sciences the most. Of course getting lost in the hour long Dopesmoker song is another thing. Dopesmoker is also an album. Then there is Holy Mountain. The “main” Sleep album. I picked up the Full Dynamic Range Edition, whatever that means. Maybe just remastered? It was the same price so, whatever I got it all on bandcamp. I used to use Spotify mostly and bandcamp only sometimes. I don’t really like streaming services much anymore as you never own the content.

I found this out the hard way a few months ago when I let my Playstation 4 subscription lapse. All those “free” games every month? You are only allowed to play them if you are in a subscription. How asinine is it force such limited usage of a game console. You have to download games, those games require a subscription, when the console maker decides to close down it’s services and the console, you have now acquired a useless brick. I hadn’t bought a console in many many years when I got the PS4. I did have a PS2. But I never got a PS3 or XBox360 or whatever. Anyways, previous console were not required to have the internet and a subscription. This new model is all about taking the consumer dollar. I find nothing good from it and will continue to support PC and multi-platforms as the way to go for games.


The weather took a turn for the worse. I thought we were only going to get 3-4 inches of snow but it seems like we have a few more and some blistering winds. It’s a white out, out there. The wifey is really picky on food right now and decided on KFC! haha anyways, at least someone is delivering it. I offered to drive to pick up food for her but honestly I am afeared to drive her car in such weather. Last time I drove in such conditions I bent the wheel on my Volvo. I still need to get it fixed.

Well I hope you are doing well dear reader. Drop me a message on mastodon or email if you have any questions or comments. Actually, it would be cool to answer reader mail. So please send me Questions and I will add them to my gemlog with answers! :)