2021 03 28 - org-mode

Doom Emacs

I’ve been using doom emacs for a few months now and have become sort of comfortable. I stumble with remembering some of the hotkeys, and that causes some issues. However the ones for navigating around, at least the basics, I have down. I forget how to redo often. Undo is not a problem however haha.


Now today I started a journey on learning org-mode. I was thinking the todo or agenda features would be my first go, but instead I decided to work on my gemini capsule. I’m trying to set it up so that I can work in org-mode and export to gemini, html, and gopher. I don’t have a gopher server yet, but it will be on it’s way eventually. I’m really enjoying gemini much more. It’s easier to write without having that odd TAB at the end of every line.