2022 12 18

Blender Cycles

AMD ROCm HIP: So I have an AMD 6750XT GPU and am running Kubuntu now. The GPU driver doesn't come with the HIP parts that allow for Blender's renderer Cycles to use the GPU for rendering. I tried installing it many times with failures. Finally got it going yesterday! Boy was it a pain but I got it now. Below is my terminal history that shows most of the process. Let me know if you need help. Also, with Proton now (Wine emulator) I can run pretty much ALL of my Windows games, even Cyberpunk 2077. I no longer need Windows for ANYTHING! Boy is this nice. Windows 11 was causing my CPU to be extra hot during idle, among other issues. GNU/Linux, is cool as a cucumber.

Life changes

I quit my job and am working on 3d animation training / demo reel. I'm taking about a year off to get a demo reel and animation job. Wish me luck!