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daemon to penguin

So a few months ago I purchased an AMD 6750XT GPU. It is my last piece to complete my latest desktop build. Finally, I can play games and run Blender at a much faster speed. However, something that I didn't realize is that FreeBSD didn't have the latest AMDGPU driver to support it! Booted into GhostBSD and lo and behold, no X Windows. Well, I must have my graphics, so I ended up installing Linux. Now it's been a few months and I am still running Linux, patiently awaiting an updated FreeBSD AMDGPU kernel module to allow my GPU to work. I'm not 100% sure if I will go back at this point, as I am using the ROCm proprietary AMD driver to give me accelerated GPU rendering in Blender's Cycles renderer. I might do it anyways, as I do love me some BSD. But I want to use Blender to it's fullest.. le sigh, I am not sure.