2023 07 09

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It is Sunday July 9th 2023 and I have almost completed my crossover to the LoSpec side. I am running my AMD64 NetBSD machine as well as my ThinkPad X61Tablet Plan9 (9front actually, the updated version that is current).

I got sshfs working on 9front with the help from ori advising me what I had done wrong and by using this guide: https://offbeatpursuit.com/notes/plan9/ssh
I then had to create a symbolic link in my home directory so I did a little: ln -s /var/www /root/www/ which actually did a sub directory, my mistake but I don't care. I also did the same for my /var/gemini directory. As sshfs mounts the user that you are logging in as's home directory. Yes I'm doing it as root, don't hate me. I have ssh and password requirements on... OpenBSD btw.
I also was working on my NetBSD box, I haven't figure out a memory limit yet and apparently the memory limit rule for plan9 doesn't work on PC. So I'm just watching my memory usage with % memory.
BTW % is the prompt symbol in Plan9.
I am listening to mp3s and in a few irc servers, also programming and working on the website, all within my little x61 running Plan9. I am only using the NetBSD machine as a backup / emergency web browser host. Might play games on it too, who knows.
Below is some fiction, which will be updated with artwork as well, a sort of comic and story combo format for these logs. hopefully entertaining


thedaemon french frying (hot swapping) potato batteries
after frenchfrying a few rotten potatoes in the potato-battery, i received an email. i don't normally receive emails so this was something special... it was a challenge for using the computers of old. there was a gathering of like minded techno-mages to share knowledge and scripts at a place known as irk. i looked around and examined my lab, nope, no portables around. i rarely leave the comfort of my cave these days; with a endless supply of potatoes for my power needs, and a stock pile of werkstations, i was pretty happy here. but now i must go out and search for something portable, as this challenge peaks my interest. the challenge was from an old friend, from the painting days. so i packed up a few portable potato-batteries and some essentials to get me going and left for the general direction of irk, hoping to find something to use on the way.
days later i heard a noise coming from an abandoned building. it was a smol bunny, asleep on a portable unit. it awoke from it's sleep and gave me a look. i took out a potato-battery and a snack i had, it took both. muching on the snack, it connected the battery to the portable. it did something unexpected and actually let me take the portable. what luck, this looks like a perfect unit for the challenge. i packed it up and scooped up the bunny to carry along. i fashioned a sling with some cabling and off we went, further into the lands, in search of irk.