2023 07 10

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I didn't get much sleep last night, however I still must write a log for occ. Well, I started the day with a quick check in irc and then packing up my x61t to take to work in my nice Fjallraven felted backpack. I am normally out driving about for work, I'm a Field Tech for a MSP, but today I was actually in the office for most of it. So I did get to use 9front at work. I did some ircing and showing off to some puzzled coworkers. Noone at work knows about different OSes other than Linux. It's a shame I have no fellow OS nerds there. Right now, after a long tired day at work, I am using NetBSD to find a website for a fellow OCC human mammal, because I wanted to load graphics of the website so I knew I was at the right one. It's NetSurf is faster than plan9's NetSurf. On another note, I noticed that my battery percentage stays on 9front. I don't think it's reading the battery acpi data or whatever it's called.I will attempt to look into this issue.



i wasn't really able to rest over the night. the bunny, glenda, kept kicking me and whispering what i thought was unix commands, but they strange... i ended up turning on the portable unit after connecting it up to a potato-battery then testing the commands she was whispering in the term. they worked! the man command even works too. i felt like "it's unix and i know this." however that quickly was shot down when i noticed i had to use the mouse control to scroll down in the term. what an interesting feature, no need for a pager i thought. after glenda got up, i made a little breakfast of what remaining food i had and split it with her. we packed up and headed onwards to the land of Irc. i feel like we are getting close, very close. maybe just another day or two. progress was halted halfway through the day as the lack of sleep finally caught up with me. i found a pile of sun machines to rest under and glenda and I curled up and slept.