2023 07 11

Old Computer Challenge

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Today I brought the x61t to work again, as I'm not doing field work. I was able to install a replacement CMOS battery by hacking at one from a junker laptop at work. It wasn't the same connector, so I used a knife to take the CR batteries out of their cover and remove the + and _ connections. It was ugly and and a hack but it's working for now. Lots of screws on this darn thing. I also thought about replacing the harddrive from this old 120G with a newer 256G ssd I have not doing anything in my desktop. Or, buy a larger drive. I can't believe I am spending money on this x61t. I guess since I got it for free, it's not so bad. Seems stable and things work. I've written this log, chatted on irc, listened to music and browsed the world wide web on it so far. Dammit, I still need to draw. By baby is currently sick, so I don't know how much free time I'mma get at home. I hope I get a few hours to draw. I'll not connect it to the net some, so I don't get stuck in irc mode. Also, praetor's brutaldon instance went down, probably due to a power outage, so I haven't really got to check much mastodon today. I hope my little unix_surrealism stories are fun to read. If you enjoy my log and artwork, please let me know. It warms my heart. Send me an email at thedaemon@protonmail.com or a message on the federated universe that is mastodon, I'm thedaemon@bsd.network of course. Did I mention that I got an account on shithub.us / only9fans.com and posted my fork of paint(1), which I call DaemonPaint, or dpaint for short, yes after DeluxePaint. I like double meanings. Praetor's brutaldon instance is back up, going to check the feed before a company meeting. I hate having to stay late just for a meeting...



along the way glenda went off to a smol building with masses of hardware piled around it. i suggested that we continue onward but the bunbun was not having it. i waited outside, with the portable, connected to a solar charger, to fill up the potatoes, while she played. i thought she was playing, but actually glenda came out with some hardware. a pen and a cmos. wow, this stuff was something needed for the portable! perhaps she is connected via network somehow to the portable. perhaps the ears are not ears after all but antenna? i haven't a clue but it was fun to work on the hardware as a change of pace of walking. after that the sun was falling lower in the sky but we carried onward, feeling rested and rejuvinated after the tinkering. as the sky got dark i noticed a glow appearing in the distance. perhaps this was a community? we kept going for hours, barely able to see in front of us. glenda of course had given up hopping along a while ago and now cuddled up to me in a sling. a half lit sign appeared as the ground alit with flashing lights and colors. irk is what I could decipher from the lights that were ablaze. finally i have arrived. stepping past i started to hear chatter and commotions. the people of irc were here, it was not a myth. as i entered others waved and some even said pleasantries. i introduced myself to as many as i could before glenda hopped down and ran off. i had to chase her, i wasn't going to just forget the last few days of bonding we had. around a few corners and buildings and there she was, with more bunbuns! she had found her community and so, i think had i. we settled down for the night, chatting for hours with others that also had bunny companions. not all had them, but it seems there was a fondness for them here. i shared some of my last bites of food with the group and discussed our journeys to get here. at last i drifted off asleep, possibly mid sentence..