2023 07 12

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... Do I debug DaemonPaint, or just draw. I think I'll try disconnecting from irc this evening and just work on this LOG and COMIX. Debugging might need to be put off a little, since I've never honestly debugged besides reading the error messages from trying to compile C programs. I also want to convert Helvetica font to a 9front supported bitmap style. I feel in love with the font after visiting NASA's Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama and seeing all the space hardware with Helvetica plastered over everything.



waking up to chatter all around was frightening. i am used to the hum of potatoes and the sound of plants growing being the only noises. the day went well, it was spent in deep conversations about very interesting topics, we discussed fedi, gopher, gemini, bsd, plan9, sdf, and many more. i was able to share my knowledge of art and alternative painting tools. glenda introduced me to paint(1) and i immediately forked it to begin a life long goal of mine, to write my own custom painting application. at first it was just to expand my color choices, but now the whirlwind of my mind is imaging lines and beziers inside daemonpaint, dpaint for short and for the nod to ancient software. the beginning of painting started with dpaint. it was something i used at my cave, but here in the freedom of irk, i had to use opensource, they were confused about using a closed source product. i took admit that i have since moved on to a greater open source project i found called grafx2 for my daily painting. now however, with glenda's help, i am devoted to dpaint. lo and behold i have found ways to lock up and crash my new found tool. this means i get the chance to debug and fix such issues, to share with the rest of the bunbuns and their friends.