2023 07 13

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I spend some time today with syncing my website with a local copy with sshfs and dircp commands in 9front. I wanted to test out how I would do this, and I think having a local copy is easier than sshfs, then load directories and edit files live. Makes sense so I can transform these logs that I'm writing, which is just plain text in a file called LOG in my docs directory, into a html & gemtext document. Oh yeah, I started updating my gemini site as well. I haven't had the time to dive into gopher, that might be a while. I didn't get to draw today, gosh I forget how much free time I don't have anymore now that I have a ~2 year old child. I love my kid with all my heart but often times I miss the free time I had. I know that I'll get more freetime once they are grown, but I have no idea if I'm going to live that long. I guess I'm getting off topic now. It's super late, or early and actually day 5... 1:47AM now, as the child is teething and not sleeping well, so I'm up right now and decided to work on this log. I have done some cheating this week: I have checked mastodon on my phone, then switched to brutaldon on my phone. I have mainly done this in the restroom, as there are no longer magazine in restrooms. lol Maybe I need to bring one instead of scrolling. At least my feed is pretty smol and brutaldon isn't the fastest way to consume it. I also cheated by using my main desktop to burn an iso to a flash drive. I guess I should have mentioned I tried installing OpenBSD, 9front, and finally FreeDOS on the AMD64 machine as I gave up on NetBSD and it's annoyances that I don't have time to discover the solutions for. FreeDOS actually installed, the others had issues. I will try plan9, I mean 9front, again soon on it. I was thinking of making it a cpu/file server in the chain of plan9 things and my x61 as a terminal as an option at least. To see how plan9 was intended to be ran, more or less. But for now, I installed FreeDOS and will mess around with some dos games or something. Maybe DeluxePaintII? Looking at my website, looks like I double copied it and there was another folder with the root directory of thedaemons.space in it. lol just removed it. rm -rf does the job like unix. I should probably do paragraphs? I am geting used to the acme editor, even finding out how some things work and to use it better. Like I was confused which column new windows would open in, but it's the current selected one that drops the opened docs. also figured out the search commands due to a blog post from https://pspodcasting.net/dan/blog/2019/plan9_desktop.html which is slightly out of date, and I plan on updating some of the things and publishing my own plan9 desktop guide. It probably won't have as many scripts! I am learning, baby steps, to use scripts more often. Especially since I am typing repetitive commands in the terminal windows. So, what am I using the computer for? Let me make a list to check how I've handed it. Writing - with acme Painting - with paint(1) fork called dpaint (daemonpaint) Socializing via IRC & Mastodon - ircrc & mothra running praetor's brutaldon instance brutaldon.praetor.tel Programming - in plan9's C dialect. doing the basics from k & r c as well as my paint form. Browsing a small portion of the web - mostly blogs of other occ members and 9front people. Listening to mp3s - from bandcamp that i downloaded and copied over via flash drive Listening to streaming radio from anonradio - it was laggy on a single core, must try again with 2 core active after the OCC. Playing videos - most of the videos I have are too high resolution for my 1024x768 screen size. I really want that IPS higher resolution screen ASAP! Learning Plan9 OS - reading man pages and documents I believe that covers everything? I might have missed an activity but I don't think so. Like I probably said I haven't had much time to piddle with the old computer, except if I want to sacrifice sleep, like I am now at 2:06am...