2023 07 14

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I didn't do that much on it today, but I did get my replacement wacom pen and wifi card in the mail and installed them both. wpi-3945abg mpcie card. I started by removing my wifi card and installing the replacement there. Well, that gave me an error that I had installed an illegal card or some stupid thing. So I looked up what to do in mothra. I found a guide. Put the old card back in. Turn kill switch to off. Install 2nd wifi card next to it after taping off a single pin, to break the internal kill switch. So lame. I found a piece of sticker tape or something. It worked! The reason I got the wacom pen was because the plastic on the original was sticky and gross. paint(1)'s locking up when zoomed in or when zoomed in and using bucket, haven't figured out if it's just zoom, is really grating on me and my patience to draw with it. I'm going to have to devote some serious time and learning to rewrite the broken functions. I don't know if I'm smart enough but I am going to try.