2023 07 15 & 16

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Well, I did a little cheating, I wanted to try to get 9front running on the AMD64 desktop and went ahead and used BalenaEtcher on my main desktop. I should have taken the time to download new ISOs and learn how to burn them with 9front's tools. 9front finally worked after I figured out how to fix my partition tables. Basically I installed FreeDOS over NetBSD partitions as for some reason 9front wasn't letting me delete them all? I don't really know at this point all I know is that I wasted lots of time and finally got 9front on there without working ethernet / network connection. BLAH so that's not going to work, but it might be fun to try to figure out if I can make hack on it and make it work? A learning experience to write a driver? I'll have to see if anyone else has done it for whichever chipset is in the AMD64 box. If it's something other's have done, I might try to tackle that issue. Or if not, buy a known working one. I want to make it either a CPU or File server for muh 9fronts. Maybe a backup for my portable (x61)? I have named my x61t "portable" btw. It's a simple designation and I like it better than laptop or tablet. Neither of which accurately describe it to me. A portable computer sounds a bit old fashioned but better to me. Maybe I missed the boat and should call her Porty, or Portie? I am writing this log later, it's actually Tuesday, and storming with a power outage! Baby has just been so sick and upset, it's been hard to get to my hobbies. I should be resting now, but with the fan off and the air conditioning off as well... I don't know if I'm going to sleep well. Oh and the UPS beeping in the background! At least I have this portable comp to work and play on. I think I can get 3-4 hours on this charge. I hope to be long asleep before then. I do enjoy the candle light that I'm sitting by. Might light candles more often, it's a nice soft light. I should probably get back on topic. Maybe my summary thoughts about this challenge?