2023 09 19

Drawing on the Beastie inside

I have installed FreeBSD 14.0 on my desktop now, if you were not aware. It's been mostly great, with a few lock ups with X11 that I'm trying to track down. I belive it has something to do with the drm-515-kmod package, which is the AMDGPU driver. DRM here does not stand for digital rights management, as I thought at first. But something else that I ahaven't memorized. I am terrible with symbolisms and acronyms. At any rate, I have 2 Wacom drawing tablets, 1 is an older Bamboo 6x8 and the other is a One 13 screen tablet. Both work in FreeBSD and I have them both in use, mapped of course. The 13 to itself and the Bamboo to my 32", in case I want to draw there too. One mistake you can make is to unplug one of them. I suggest you only do that outside of X11, or on a reboot. Which reminds me that I need to update my FreeBSD wacom guide.

I have been working with myself to draw more, as I claim to be a BSD Artist, I should make art. So I have been doing at least 1 sketch a day for a few days now. It has ramped up to more than that, but I am not pressuring myself. Right now I post most of the art on my mastodon accout over at bsd.network/@thedaemon and also here on my site, slower. It's over on the images page, which I should break down into art pages. I have been mainly using the trusty Grafx2, which also requires vblank_mode=0, just like Blender, (side bar: Blender requires you to add vblank_mode=0 so as to turn off VSync and allow it to run at a normal fast speed, otherwise it's got horrible lag), to function at full speed. Don't ask me why I had to find this on some random reddit thread. I hope to spread the word to the other potential BSD artists.

Speaking of BSD Artists, there are 2 of us. thedaemon & prahou. brothers in arms. The surrealist, prahou and me the cartoonist..? I guess that's my title. What is a BSD artist? Someone who uses *BSD and makes artwork. Painting, 3d, etc. There are some musicians that use BSD, they are also BSD Artists. Want to join the ranks? Use BSD and make art. Drop me an email or tag me on mastodon if you have an account with your artwork. I'd love to look at it.