2023 09 30

Things I run and do in BSD land

Well, I finally caved and installed Suyimazu, and used it to install Steam. Not all my games work but some do. I just did this today, so I haven't tested too much. I was trying to not game on my PC too much, since I have the SteamDeck but FPS are still better with a mouse and keyboard. I compiled Ironwail the Quake 1 source port, which is a very fast modified Quakespasm fork. It works great in FreeBSD 14.0! It has a 'mods' menu, so it's easy to play the various mods in game and switch around without having to relaunch and run from the terminal.

I have been painting with Grafx2, a 256color Deluxe Paint inspired program. It's modern with an SDL2 backend, portable to many esoteric OSes, and is familiar. I can recommend it and Aseprite, which is the most modern taken on DPaint inspired painting applications. I like both, if you are old school Grafx2 works best, if you like newer things Aseprite works. Promotion is another good one, but it has a standard Wind0w$ interface, which is pretty ugly. I have also been trying the program Oekaki that's from 100rabbits for the UXN VM. It's very cool, there is also noodle by the same awesome persons. They keep updating their custom applications and it's been really cool seeing their progress over the year(s).

I am now running the evilwm window manager, along with picom. I use xclock in digital mode and the plan9ports stats. xbindkeys for custom hotkeys, rofi for launcher and window listing pcmanfm for gui filemanagement, links for web browsing, firefox also, terminator as my primary terminal emulator and uxterm/9term as my backups. bash is my shell. Oh yes I can't forget the edwood editor, a Go language port of plan9's acme. I'll go more in depth for each application as time goes on. I should probably add it to my intersts pages and link the log.

Hmm, speaking of that, I kind of want links all over interconnected, like a wiki does.. a web of links.. hehe