2023 10 21

window managers and bears oh my

I have been using evilwm for a few weeks (months?) now after finding it like the Rio wm from Plan 9. However it's missing a few things for Quality of Life, like hiding windows. Little did I know, cwm, the OpenBSD user fork of evilwm and now rewritten is also a Rio clone but hides windows! It also does a thing called Groups, which is like Virtual Desktops, but is more powerful as it allows for multiple groups (think multiple virtual desktops) to be shown at the same time. So you could have say 4 separate groups, but show 2 at one time, and other times just 1 group. Use it a bit, you'll get it. It has a few other things, but so far the transition has been smooth.

An issue was had when I haphazardly accepted some incoming pkg's that were borked, forcing me to use SCFB driver to get into Xorg. It also tried to delete Firefox, which I canceled and locked the package. Anyways, now that 14.0-RC2 is out the packages have been fixed and I'm back to drm-515-kmod working with my AMDGPU.

I've been drawing more as well, 2d stuff, 1bit, black and white mostly. It's been nice and low pressure. I need to setup a proper art dump page...