winter of Glenda

I sit here on a lazy Sunday morning, sipping my cold brewed coffee and checking my mastodon feed via masto9 in 9front. I'm typing this up in Acme as I browse gopher and w3 sites. I have dpaint(1) open from some sketches I did at around 1am and my gridchan and irc going. This is a typical Sunday for me. Minus the sick child watching tv, normally not sick, as you have probably gathered.

This weekend I was finally able to get my Raspberry Pi 3b going as a web server running 9front. It only took me about 6 dd formats of the flash storage before I stopped messing it up / started to understand. Now it's running 2 of my sites. Neither have a SSL cert setup yet, but that's coming along with Gopher and Gemini. Let's see what else I can server too...

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